What's a MyFace Stag T shirt?

The Myface designs are ideal for the ultimate stag t shirts. All you need to do is supply a decent size photo of 'The Stag'. Our design team will them work there magic and produce a one colour image of the stags face with your group event details to create a great stag t-shirt for the entire group to wear.

With loads of colour combinations and your stags face we can design and produce a truly one off stag t-shirt for your entire group which will certainly make your group and stag stand out in the crowd.

The MyFace design service is FREE of charge so your group can try the service before paying any upfront money. Give it a go, you'll love it and the stag will hate it!

stag t-shirts for 2015
  • Choose from loads of colour combination with loads of t-shirt and print colours to pick.
  • Fully personalised and we can even print names, numbers and sleeve prints.
  • Our design service and preview is free of charge and you pay nothing until your ready to order.